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Columnist: Koby Schellenger

Systems Audit: Milwaukee Brewers
April 11, 2007

Systems Audit:
Milwaukee Brewers

1. Yovani Gallardo, SP, AA. Gallardo doesn't have the best stuff in the minor leagues, but he has great control, great poise and above average stuff. He'll be fast tracked to Milwaukee if things go awry in Brew City.
2. Ryan Braun, 3B, AA. Braun has one of the best and most refined bats in the minors. It's his defense that is the concern. Though the Brewers, and I, are confident it won't be a hindrance for him in the future, at the moment he's slated to spend some time in the minors working on his defense.
3. Will Inman, SP, A. Inman is not your typical pitching prospect. Many pundits and scouts have sort of written off Inman because of his stature and unconventional stuff. Don't be fooled. Inman is going to be a legitimate #2 pitcher in the big leagues.
4. Jeremy Jeffress, SP, Rk. He can dial it up to 100+ but works comfortably in the upper 90s. He is a good candidate to be labeled a 'work in progress' as he has had some control problems thus far in his career.
5. Lorenzo Cain, OF, A. He is in the mold of Rickie Weeks for sure. He has some power potential and much of that comes from his strong, quick wrists. He is fast and a smart baseball player. He'll spend the first half of 2007 in the Florida State League, but could be moved up if he shows good development.
6. Cole Gillespie, OF, Rk. A very patient hitter with a good refined approach. His power is decent and has average skills everywhere else. He's a left fielder for sure.
7. Mark Rogers, SP, A+. He's got incredible stuff and great potential, but injuries and a looming surgery have dropped him on many prospect lists, including mine.
8. Hernan Irrabarren, 2B, A+. Could be a great hitter for average. He controls the strike-zone well and doesn't give anything away. Good, quick wrists. He is a very good defender and could eventually force Rickie Weeks to the outfield.
9. Alcides Escobar, SS, A. Escobar is carried by the strength of his defense but his bat is nothing to scoff at either.
10. Angel Salome, C, A. Good offense, average defense. Salome suffered a broken bone that ended his 2006 campaign a little early but Salome could become a decent major leaguer.
Flier. Mat Gamel, 3B, A. Gamel has the prototypical compact swing that everyone loves. Combine that with his quick wrists and Gamel has some great potential offensively. A+ will be a big test for Gamel.

Projected Lineup:
C: Angel Salome (2010)
1B: Prince Fielder
2B: Rickie Weeks
3B: Ryan Braun
SS: JJ Hardy
LF: Bill Hall
CF: Lorenzo Cain (2009)
RF: Corey Hart

Pitching Rotation:
1: Ben Sheets
2: Yovani Gallardo
3: Will Inman
4: Chris Capuano
5: Dave Bush

Closer: Jeremy Jeffress
Setup: Francisco Cordero, Derrick Turnbow
Middle Relief: Zach Jackson, Carlos Villanueva

The Brewers have a very nice 1-2 punch with Braun and Gallardo but the talent doesn't stop there. There are plenty more players with good talent making the Brewers one of the deepest systems in baseball.
System Grade: A-

Posted by Koby Schellenger: Apr 11 at 5:11 PM

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