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Free Rolling at DraftStreet

Published June 7, 2012

We're going to continue our look at some of the daily fantasy sites around the net today as we head to Draftstreet. In order to introduce some of our readers to the site, they'll be hosting a $150 freeroll in conjunction with FIC for the MLB games on Friday, June 8. Without further adieu, let's have a look at both the scoring system and some of the exciting features available at Draftstreet.



The lineups at Draftstreet run a lot deeper than what we've seen at most of the other daily sites that we've covered. Rather than simply playing one pitcher, you'll actually select two starting pitchers, a reliever, and a flex (P) spot. Lineups also include two utility spots as well as the standard one player per position.

  • C
  • 1b
  • 2b
  • 3b
  • SS
  • 3 OF
  • 2 UT
  • 2 SP
  • RP
  • P

While it's nice to have the two utility spots added on, you're obviously going to have to lend a little extra focus towards your pitching decisions. If you have three strong starting options, it can be wise to go with a starter in that extra pitching spot. If you can only find one or two starters that you like for the night, it probably makes more sense to burn the extra spot on a reliever. Why? Starting pitchers tend to be quite a bit more expensive than relievers, so even if the reliever you choose doesn't get into the game, you should be able to save that money to bolster your offense.


The scoring is quite a bit different from what we've seen at most other places as well. Let's have a look at the offensive scoring first.

  • Single = 1 Point
  • Double = 2 Points
  • Triple = 3 Points
  • HR = 4 Points
  • BB = 0.75 Points
  • HBP = 0.75 Points
  • Run = 1.50 Points
  • RBI = 1.50 Points
  • SB = 2 Points
  • Strikeout = -0.75 Points
  • GIDP = -0.75 Points
  • CS = -1 Point
  • Sacrifice = 0.75 Points

We'll first notice that the typical one point per base is there.  One interesting thing to note - Joust is the only other place I've noticed this - is that you're not penalized each time your hitters don't reach base.  If they ground into a double play or strike out, they're penalized, but a typical out on a ball in play is not penalized.  Walks and HBP are worth less than hits.  Runs and RBI are at least worth more than a single, which isn't the case everywhere.  Perhaps my favorite thing is that baserunners are penalized for being caught stealing.  While two points for a steal makes taking speedsters valuable, it can backfire on you if you pick, say, Juan Pierre (27 for 44 in SB attempts last season).

With relievers added to the mix, we should probably expect the scoring for pitchers to be a bit different than what we've seen at some other sites.

  • IP = 0.9 Points
  • BB = -0.25 Points
  • H = -0.25 Points
  • HBP = -0.25 Points
  • ER = -0.75 Points
  • Strikeouts = 0.7 Points
  • W = 1.5 Points
  • L = -0.75 Points
  • Complete Game = 1 Point
  • Save = 3 Points
  • Blown Save = -0.75 Points

The first things I notice are that the bonus points for a win (1.50) aren't really that great and that you'll be penalized for your pitcher losing. You're also penalized for your pitcher's WHIP allowed, losing a quarter of a point for each baserunner they allow. Saves are worth twice as much as wins, which actually leads me to wonder whether relievers may be more valuable overall than starting pitchers.

While you'll accumulate enough points from clean innings and strikeouts so that starting pitchers that have strong outings should be more useful than relievers, a closer who comes in and pitches a 1-2-3 ninth shouldn't be too far off from a pitcher who throws a quality start with a win. Just for the heck of it, let's run a typical quality start through the point system.

6 IP, 3 ER, 5 K, 5 H, 3 BB, Win = 6.4 Points
1 IP, 1 K, Save = 4.65 Points

1.75 points are 1.75 points, but if you can save $8,000 by choosing two relievers instead of three starters, it should balance out.

Daily or Weekly

While I've heard a handful of daily sites talk about daily or weekly games, I haven't seen too many weekly games in action. Draftstreet does have them on their site, though. A weekly game is liable to require a little more skill in setting a lineup than a daily league would, as you'll have to think ahead to off days, two start pitchers, etc.

Snake Drafts

Tired of playing a head to head matchup only to find out that you and your opponent have almost exactly the same lineup? Draftstreet offers instant snake drafts that will solve that problem for you.

Pick 'em

These are quite a bit more user-friendly than the typical salary cap game, as you just select players from different tiers rather than try and mix and match to make sure that the salary works out. They're perfect for setting a lineup in a hurry.

HR Derby

Home Run Derby is a weekly game where, as the name would suggest, you're looking to build a lineup that hits as many home runs as possible. You choose your lineup using a salary cap format. Player salaries for the HR Derby differ from what you'll find in points games.

Remember to register for Draftstreet using this link to take a free shot at a $150 prize pool.

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