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Daniel Bard

Wired: 4/24/12
Category: News
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St. Louis, MO
News: Bard made his first relief appearance of the young season Monday. He came into a huge shutdown situation with a runner on third and one out in a tie game in the eighth. Bard came through, getting Josh Willingham on a sharp liner to third and then popping Ryan Doumit up to escape the jam. He also notched his first win of the year when Cody Ross hit a solo shot in the top of the ninth.
It remains unclear whether or not Bard will be shifted back to the bullpen permanently. He was scheduled to start Sunday night against the Yankees, but was bumped when the game was rained out. The Sox started Jon Lester on regular rest Monday, and Bard is still slated to make his next start as of right now.
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