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Jason Varitek

Wired: 2/27/12
Category: Retired
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Springfield, MA
News:Varitek is expected to announce his retirement on Thursday. The switch-hitting catcher, who will turn 40 in April, won two World Series with the Boston Red Sox and calls it a career with a .256/.341/.435 line with 193 HR and 757 RBI.
The expectation all winter has been that Varitek would hang them up if the Red Sox didn't find room for him, so this isn't much of a surprise. Varitek was still displaying above average power for a backstop, but his overall production has dropped off significantly since about 2006 - with one last hurrah in 2007. Varitek was still very popular in Beantown, but the Red Sox simply didn't have room for a guy who is a zero with the glove and below average with the bat at this point in his career. Congrats to Varitek on a fine career.
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