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Mariano bids the All-star Game adieu

Wired: 7/16/13
Category: News
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Pasadena, CA
News: Inserted into the 8th (not 9th), Mariano Rivera came out to a standing ovation, then proceeded to tally his final 1-2-3 inning in an ASG.
Kinda odd Leyland didn't wait until the 9th -- yeah, I heard the explanations (NL might comeback in the 8th, etc). It just took a bit of the luster off the moment - how can Mo NOT be in the for the save? Classy as always, Rivera said all the right things before, during and after the game. Only fantasy relevancy: if you're in a keeper, have Mo and absolutely NO shot at winning this year, get the trade talks underway pronto.
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