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Miguel Cabrera

Wired: 5/10/12
Category: Cold
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St. Louis, MO
News: Nobody on the Tigers will be happier to get out of Seattle than Cabrera. The slugger was 0 for 13 with two strikeouts in the three game set, and is now batting just .263.
Maybe more importantly, Cabrera's discipline seems to be all out of whack. After drawing 108 walks last season, Cabrera has walked just ten times all season long, and hasn't drawn a walk since April 27 against the Yankees. What this tells me isn't only that he's not drawing walks. It tells me that he's not on with his pitch selection and recognition, and that he's probably chasing the occasional pitch to get himself out. Cabrera is simply too good to continue to struggle like this, so we should expect a big correction in the next couple of weeks.
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  1. jonboy        Reply 5/29/12
    6:01 am

    If your comment on Miguel Carbrera is dated 5/10/12 and today is 5/29/12 (almost 3 weeks later) why isn't there a more UPDATED REPORT on him instead of leaving this posted??? How does this inform you of his current progress since 5/10 ???

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