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Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Software

Developer: Xeifrank

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Software

Mock Draft - FAQ
February 01, 2007

Note: During the installation if asked to replace an Active X component that your system already has a more recent version of, don't use the one from the installation, keep the one you already have.

Q: Where can I get a copy of WinZip?
A: Free WinZip Download

Q: How do I start a Mock Draft?
A: Before you can start a mock draft, you will need to open a league configuration file, a hitters database and a pitchers database. You will then probably want to select what kind of draft you want. Then to start the draft, from the drop down menu, select Tools->Mock Draft->Start

Q: What's the difference between using the 'Computer Rankings' or the 'ESPN Rankings'. The computer rankings are sorted in order of how the computer calculated each player's value using the replacement level sabermetric algorithm. The ESPN rankings are the average rankings of all the ESPN live drafts. I recommend using this if you want to simulate drafting in a public league as players are more likely to be drafted in similiar order to how human beings draft. I recommend using the Computer Ranking when it's your turn or when using the software during a live draft. This feature has temporarily been disabled.

Q: Can I modify the player projections?
A: Yes. Before beginning a draft, from the drop down menu select Tools->Edit Player Database. Then open up either a pitchers or hitters database file from the File-> drop down menu. Then proceed to select the player you would like to edit and change his stats. When done editing the stats of a player hit the 'Update' button, and when done editing the database altogether select the File->Save As option.

Q: Can I import the database file to MS Excel to modify the projections?
A: Yes. Using Excel, open the database file you wish to modify as a comma delimited file. You may either wish to save this file as a .csv or .txt file.

Q: Can I save a partially completed draft, then finish it later?
A: Yes. When you are at a stopping point, you can select Files->Save->Partial Draft then enter a file name and exit the program. When you want to continue where you left off, simply select Files->Load->Partial Draft then select the file name of your partially completed draft. The league configuration, hitters database and pitchers database files are automatically loaded for you. Just select the draft type and start the draft.

Q: Do I have to load the configuration file, hitter database and pitcher database each time I want to run the program?

A: No. What I recommend doing if you are going to be using the same configuration multiple times, is to load the league config file, hitter and pitcher databases, then before you draft any players, Save the draft as a partially completed draft. Then the next time you want to use this same configuration, just Load this same partially completed draft and the configuration and database files will be automatically loaded for you.

Q: How does the advice feature work?
A: When it is not the computer's turn to draft, and the team currently drafting has already choosen one hitter and one starting pitcher, the computer will give you advice on who to select. It will tell you which player will move you up the most in the standings, and also tell you which two players would move you up the most in the standings. From this information, you should get a good idea on which player(s) you should select with your next pick. Keep in mind, you may or may not want to follow this advice. I would recommend using it to complement your own ideas of who to pick, it can help you make the tough decision between a handful of players. It is easy to lose track of which roto categories your team may be lacking in, and this feature will provide the guidance needed to draft a well rounded team.

Q: Is there a way to import my Yahoo draft results and have the computer automatically project our league standings?
A: Yes. Yes. First go to your Yahoo draft results page and copy and paste the draft results into a text ascii file. Copy starting with the row that lists all the team names down to the row with the last player drafted. Copy this data and paste it into a text ascii file and save it in your Program Files->MockDraft directory. Next open a hitters and pitchers database file followed by your league configuration file. Next, from the drop down menu select File->Open->Import Draft Results. The file you will select will be the text ascii file that you saved with your draft results in it. After you do this you will see the draft results log populate and when it is done you should be able to select the Standings Tab to see your leagues projected standings based on the draft results. You may then turn the bench stats on and off to see if there is any difference.

Q: How can I see who the best player left to select is?
A: Click on the Advice tab, and you will see a box pertaining to each fantasy position. Using the option selectors at the bottom of the page, you can select which roto category you would like to sort each position by. This way if you are in need of the player with the most projected HRs, you can select the Home Run option selector and see a sorted list at each position. Or just select the Value option selector and see who the computer thinks has the most fantasy value of all remaining players. The sabermetric feature "replacement value" is built into each players value. If you would like more info on this topic and how it works, please email me.

Q: What is the draft log?
A: The draft log is a text box that keeps track of all the players selected in the draft up to that point.

Q: How do I draft a player?
A: When it is your turn in a draft vs the computer, or a manually select all players draft, you select a player by clicking in the selection box and either typing the first few characters of the players last name, or by searching for him in the list box (alphabetical order). After finding and selecting the player, simply click on the Draft button. To verify your selection, look at the last entry in the draft log. Each time a player is drafted, the draft log is copied into your Clipboard for easy pasting into a text editor.

Q: How can I view each teams roster?
A: During the draft, click on the Roster tab, then from the list box find and select the roster you wish to view, and then hit the return key. Doing so copies the roster into Clipboard. Simply open up a text editor and paste the text in.

Q: What are the different levels?
A: There are three levels of intelligence for the computer drafting. They are, Dummy, Smart and Genius, with Genius being the default. The dumber the level you choose the odds go up that the computer doesn't select the best player for his team.

Q: What are the different draft types?
A: There are three different kinds of draft types. You can draft for one team and let the computer draft for all remaining teams. You can draft for all the teams. Or the computer can draft for all the teams, and you can be a bystander. If you draft for one team, this would simulate a live draft against other owners. If you draft for all the teams, you might use this option if you want to enter picks from a ongoing live or mock draft you are in. Letting the computer pick for all the teams, is fun to watch and see where certain players get picked. If the computer is involved in the draft, you will want to select the draft time interval from the Tools menu. I would recommend putting it at 1 second. When it's your turn the clock stops, and you get as much time as you'd like to make your selection.

Q: Can I print the draft results or standings?
A: Yes. From the menu select Files->Print-> Standings or Draft Log and you should get a hardcopy at your printer.

Q: How do I create my own league configuration file?
A: From the menu select Tools->Create New League. Then a new form will appear. Simply type in the number of teams, enter the team names, and how many players at each position. There is a limit of 30 players, as the largest roster size allowed. When you are done entering this data, hit the Create League button and you will be returned to the main form. From there, make sure you save the league by selecting File->Save->League Configuration and typing in a name identifying your new league. Then to load that league select File->Open->League Configuration from the menu. Then continue by opening your pitcher and hitter databases.

Q: How can I view the current standings of my mock draft?
A: This is one of my favorite features. Just click on the Standings tab and you will see the updated standings of your mock draft. Remember that some teams may have picked more players than others, so it's fairest to compare teams at the end of a round. You can easily toggle the standings between team rankings in each category to the actual number of accumulated stats in each category by clicking on the toggle button above the standings.

Q: I've created a league and am about to start a draft where I draft against the computer, how do I select which team I am drafting for?
A: After you open your league configuration file, you can click on the Select Team tab and you will see a list of all the teams with a check box next to each team. Just click the check box next to the team you would like to draft for. You will need to do this each time you begin drafting, if you are drafting for one team vs the computer. By default the computer will have you draft for the last team if no selection is made.

If you have any other questions, difficulties or would like to make a suggestion for a new feature, please feel free to email me as I would be glad to personally answer any questions.

Posted by xeifrank: Feb 1 at 5:25 PM

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