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Weather & HRForce

Throughout a full baseball season, weather can play a significant role in at least a few games a day. Wind, rain and humidity can all affect the flight of the ball. Our real-time weather panels distill the conditions for each game and assign each an HRForce value: how many more (or less) home runs are likely to be hit. Check out today's MLB weather forecast.

Reds  @  Braves12:20 pm ET
Reds at Braves game: broken clouds and 84°F 84° F
broken clouds
6 mph
80° F78%49%2 mph1.312 pm
83° F72%45%4 mph1.51 pm
84° F67%44%5 mph1.62 pm

Batter vs Pitcher Ownage Charts

Across the league, there's an OPS average of about .750. Of course, specific batter-pitcher matchups are all over the map. A .200 hitter could rake against a Cy Young winner. Maybe the way a batter uncoils gives him a great look at a pitcher's release point. Or he's just unduly uber confident. Baseball is quirky that way. Our Ownage Charts give you a quick look at some of the more interesting matchups (min 5 ABs per season to qualify).

Freddie Freeman
  • 1.944
  • 1.225
  • 2.067
  • 0.938
  • 1.167
  • 0.708
Zack Wheeler

Player Comparisons

Ranking players is a big (and fun) part of fantasy baseball. During a draft, it's one of the key ways to decide between similar players. Throughout the season, trading for undervalued stars is a league-winning strategy. Our growing number of player comparisons give you a detailed look of positional comparisons. If a player trends much higher after the all-star break and he's off to another slow start, take action!