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Chicago Cubs Weather

Cubs  @  Reds1:40 pm ET
Cubs at Reds game: clear sky and 61°F 61° F
clear sky
7 mph
78° F40%0%9 mph1.51 pm
78° F41%0%9 mph1.52 pm
79° F43%0%11 mph1.53 pm

The Cubs will be on the road against the Reds on June 9th. First pitch is set for 1:40 pm ET. At that time, it will be a warm 78° with a modest breeze (9 mph out to right center). No chance of rain.

Find out how weather could impact your fantasy baseball success in this game. Introducing our new home run index factor...

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and other proprietary factors, we currently predict 1.5x (50%) more home runs today compared to the average game. That's a big boost in HRs, plan accordingly.

Is the wind blowing out at Wrigley?

Well, the Cubbies aren't at home today, so no wind-related stress. Take the day off.

More about Wrigley Field

Chicago and Wrigley are home to some of the more extreme weather variations in the country. Of course, the big one is wind. Especially during the first couple months of the season, Wrigley Field can wreak havoc to the simplest of fly balls. The irony is the very next day the wind could switch direction and instantly switch from a pitcher's to hitter's park. So, of all the stadiums in the bigs, Wrigley is the biggest wild card. If you have at least one starting pitcher in the Cubs rotation, it's almost mandatory to check the forecast before you pull the trigger.

Statistically, Wrigley Field ranks in the top three in wind (blowing in and out) and humidity. It also one of the colder parks in general. Put all that together and you get a park that's skewed towards pitchers, on average. That's after combining all the extreme days. For fantasy baseball purposes, the best way to play Wrigley is day-by-day. Check on the wind before you set your lineups... unless you want an unwanted surprise.


Outfield wall heights

Cubs Schedule and Weather Forecast

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= home game
Day games: 74
Night games: 88


3/28Cubs @Rangers7:35 pm
3/30Cubs @Rangers7:05 pm
3/31Cubs @Rangers2:35 pm


4/1Rockies @Cubs2:20 pm
4/2Rockies @Cubs7:40 pm
4/3Rockies @Cubs7:40 pm
4/5Dodgers @Cubs2:20 pm
4/6Dodgers @Cubs4:05 pm
4/7Dodgers @Cubs2:20 pm
4/8Cubs @Padres8:40 pm
4/9Cubs @Padres10:05 pm
4/10Cubs @Padres6:40 pm
4/12Cubs @Mariners9:40 pm
4/13Cubs @Mariners9:40 pm
4/14Cubs @Mariners4:10 pm
4/15Cubs @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
4/16Cubs @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
4/17Cubs @Diamondbacks3:40 pm
4/18Marlins @Cubs7:40 pm
4/19Marlins @Cubs2:20 pm
4/20Marlins @Cubs2:20 pm
4/21Marlins @Cubs2:20 pm
4/23Astros @Cubs7:40 pm
4/24Astros @Cubs7:40 pm
4/25Astros @Cubs2:20 pm
4/26Cubs @Red Sox7:10 pm
4/27Cubs @Red Sox4:10 pm
4/28Cubs @Red Sox7:10 pm
4/29Cubs @Mets7:10 pm
4/30Cubs @Mets7:10 pm


5/1Cubs @Mets7:10 pm
5/2Cubs @Mets1:10 pm
5/3Brewers @Cubs2:20 pm
5/4Brewers @Cubs2:20 pm
5/5Brewers @Cubs4:07 pm
5/6Padres @Cubs7:40 pm
5/7Padres @Cubs7:40 pm
5/8Padres @Cubs2:20 pm
5/10Cubs @Pirates6:40 pm
5/11Cubs @Pirates4:05 pm
5/12Cubs @Pirates1:35 pm
5/13Cubs @Braves7:20 pm
5/14Cubs @Braves7:20 pm
5/15Cubs @Braves7:20 pm
5/16Pirates @Cubs7:40 pm
5/17Pirates @Cubs2:20 pm
5/18Pirates @Cubs2:20 pm
5/19Pirates @Cubs2:35 pm
5/21Braves @Cubs7:40 pm
5/22Braves @Cubs7:40 pm
5/23Braves @Cubs2:20 pm
5/24Cubs @Cardinals8:15 pm
5/25Cubs @Cardinals7:15 pm
5/26Cubs @Cardinals7:10 pm
5/27Cubs @Brewers4:10 pm
5/28Cubs @Brewers7:40 pm
5/29Cubs @Brewers7:40 pm
5/30Cubs @Brewers1:10 pm
5/31Reds @Cubs2:20 pm


6/1Reds @Cubs7:15 pm
6/2Reds @Cubs2:20 pm
6/4White Sox @Cubs8:05 pm
6/5White Sox @Cubs7:07 pm
6/6Cubs @Reds7:10 pm
6/7Cubs @Reds7:10 pm
6/8Cubs @Reds4:10 pm
6/9Cubs @Reds1:40 pm
6/11Cubs @Rays6:50 pm
6/12Cubs @Rays6:50 pm
6/13Cubs @Rays6:50 pm
6/14Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
6/15Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
6/16Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
6/17Giants @Cubs8:05 pm
6/18Giants @Cubs8:05 pm
6/19Giants @Cubs2:20 pm
6/21Mets @Cubs2:20 pm
6/22Mets @Cubs2:20 pm
6/23Mets @Cubs2:20 pm
6/24Cubs @Giants9:45 pm
6/25Cubs @Giants9:45 pm
6/26Cubs @Giants9:45 pm
6/27Cubs @Giants3:45 pm
6/28Cubs @Brewers8:10 pm
6/29Cubs @Brewers4:10 pm
6/30Cubs @Brewers2:10 pm


7/2Phillies @Cubs8:05 pm
7/3Phillies @Cubs8:05 pm
7/4Phillies @Cubs2:20 pm
7/5Angels @Cubs2:20 pm
7/6Angels @Cubs2:20 pm
7/7Angels @Cubs2:20 pm
7/9Cubs @Orioles6:35 pm
7/10Cubs @Orioles6:35 pm
7/11Cubs @Orioles6:35 pm
7/12Cubs @Cardinals8:15 pm
7/13Cubs @Cardinals2:15 pm
7/14Cubs @Cardinals2:15 pm
7/19Diamondbacks @Cubs2:20 pm
7/20Diamondbacks @Cubs7:15 pm
7/21Diamondbacks @Cubs2:20 pm
7/22Brewers @Cubs8:05 pm
7/23Brewers @Cubs8:05 pm
7/24Brewers @Cubs2:20 pm
Forecast78° F 0% rain 9 mph
7/26Cubs @Royals8:10 pm
Forecast88° F 0% rain 10 mph
7/27Cubs @Royals7:10 pm
Forecast79° F 25% rain 10 mph
7/28Cubs @Royals2:10 pm
Forecast89° F 84% rain 18 mph
7/29Cubs @Reds7:10 pm
Forecast81° F 100% rain 8 mph
7/30Cubs @Reds7:10 pm
Forecast91° F 100% rain 6 mph
7/31Cubs @Reds7:10 pm


8/1Cardinals @Cubs8:05 pm
8/2Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
8/3Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
8/4Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
8/5Twins @Cubs8:05 pm
8/6Twins @Cubs8:05 pm
8/7Twins @Cubs2:20 pm
8/9Cubs @White Sox8:10 pm
8/10Cubs @White Sox7:15 pm
8/12Cubs @Guardians6:40 pm
8/13Cubs @Guardians6:40 pm
8/14Cubs @Guardians6:40 pm
8/16Blue Jays @Cubs2:20 pm
8/17Blue Jays @Cubs2:20 pm
8/18Blue Jays @Cubs2:20 pm
8/20Tigers @Cubs8:05 pm
8/21Tigers @Cubs8:05 pm
8/22Tigers @Cubs2:20 pm
8/23Cubs @Marlins7:10 pm
8/24Cubs @Marlins4:10 pm
8/25Cubs @Marlins1:40 pm
8/26Cubs @Pirates6:40 pm
8/27Cubs @Pirates6:40 pm
8/28Cubs @Pirates12:35 pm
8/30Cubs @Nationals6:45 pm
8/31Cubs @Nationals4:05 pm


9/1Cubs @Nationals1:35 pm
9/2Pirates @Cubs7:40 pm
9/3Pirates @Cubs7:40 pm
9/4Pirates @Cubs7:40 pm
9/6Yankees @Cubs2:20 pm
9/7Yankees @Cubs2:20 pm
9/8Yankees @Cubs2:20 pm
9/9Cubs @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/10Cubs @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/11Cubs @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/13Cubs @Rockies8:40 pm
9/14Cubs @Rockies8:10 pm
9/15Cubs @Rockies3:10 pm
9/16Athletics @Cubs7:40 pm
9/17Athletics @Cubs7:40 pm
9/18Athletics @Cubs2:20 pm
9/19Nationals @Cubs7:40 pm
9/20Nationals @Cubs2:20 pm
9/21Nationals @Cubs1:10 pm
9/22Nationals @Cubs2:20 pm
9/23Cubs @Phillies6:40 pm
9/24Cubs @Phillies6:40 pm
9/25Cubs @Phillies6:05 pm
9/27Reds @Cubs2:20 pm
9/28Reds @Cubs2:20 pm
9/29Reds @Cubs3:20 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Cubs home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.

Keep these trends in mind before setting your lineup (particularly important for weekly lock fantasy leagues where it's difficult to predict the weather in a few days).






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