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Los Angeles Dodgers Weather

Dodgers  @  Mets4:10 pm ET
Dodgers at Mets game: few clouds and 80°F 80° F
few clouds
12 mph
66° F93%100%13 mph1.34 pm
66° F95%100%13 mph1.35 pm
66° F96%100%12 mph1.36 pm

The Dodgers will be on the road against the Mets on May 27th. First pitch is set for 4:10 pm ET. At that time, it will be a comfortable 66° with a steady breeze (13 mph out to left). There's a ton of rain in the area, the game could be delayed or postponed.

Find out how weather could impact your fantasy baseball success in this game. Introducing our new home run index factor...

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and other proprietary factors, we currently predict 1.3x (30%) more home runs today compared to the average game. That's a solid boost in HRs, plan accordingly.

More about Dodger Stadium

Overall, Dodger Stadium plays as a solid pitcher's park, especially at night and early in the season (when temperatures are relatively low). The geographic location and orientation of Chavez Ravine tends to minimize wind effects at all times. During summer and day games, those negative flight factors ease up and the ballpark plays pretty fair for pitchers and batters alike.

Dodger Stadium ranks in the top 5 in average temperature and bottom 5 in humidity. Not a surprising combo as LA is a mix of desert and mediterranean conditions. The stadium is also a bit above sea level. All those conditions tend to help with carry when it's above 80°. They also contribute to the higher rate in homers (along with the cozier outfield dimensions). On the flip side, the distance/angles of the outfield walls result in a lot less doubles and triples.

So, bottom line, less runs are scored at Dodger Stadium but when they are, it's more likely to be the result of home runs than doubles or triples.


Outfield wall heights

Dodgers Schedule and Weather Forecast

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Day games: 48
Night games: 114


3/20Dodgers @Padres6:05 am
3/21Padres @Dodgers6:05 am
3/28Cardinals @Dodgers4:10 pm
3/29Cardinals @Dodgers10:10 pm
3/30Cardinals @Dodgers9:10 pm
3/31Cardinals @Dodgers7:10 pm


4/1Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/2Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/3Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/5Dodgers @Cubs2:20 pm
4/6Dodgers @Cubs4:05 pm
4/7Dodgers @Cubs2:20 pm
4/8Dodgers @Twins7:07 pm
4/9Dodgers @Twins7:40 pm
4/10Dodgers @Twins1:10 pm
4/12Padres @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/13Padres @Dodgers9:10 pm
4/14Padres @Dodgers7:10 pm
4/15Nationals @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/16Nationals @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/17Nationals @Dodgers3:10 pm
4/19Mets @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/20Mets @Dodgers4:05 pm
4/21Mets @Dodgers4:10 pm
4/23Dodgers @Nationals6:45 pm
4/24Dodgers @Nationals6:45 pm
4/25Dodgers @Nationals4:05 pm
4/26Dodgers @Blue Jays7:07 pm
4/27Dodgers @Blue Jays3:07 pm
4/28Dodgers @Blue Jays1:37 pm
4/29Dodgers @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
4/30Dodgers @Diamondbacks9:40 pm


5/1Dodgers @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
5/3Braves @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/4Braves @Dodgers9:10 pm
5/5Braves @Dodgers7:10 pm
5/6Marlins @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/7Marlins @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/8Marlins @Dodgers3:10 pm
5/10Dodgers @Padres9:40 pm
5/11Dodgers @Padres8:40 pm
5/12Dodgers @Padres4:10 pm
5/13Dodgers @Giants9:45 pm
5/14Dodgers @Giants9:45 pm
5/15Dodgers @Giants9:45 pm
5/16Reds @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/17Reds @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/18Reds @Dodgers9:10 pm
5/19Reds @Dodgers7:10 pm
5/20Diamondbacks @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/21Diamondbacks @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/22Diamondbacks @Dodgers10:10 pm
5/24Dodgers @Reds7:10 pm
5/25Dodgers @Reds7:15 pm
5/26Dodgers @Reds1:40 pm
5/27Dodgers @Mets4:10 pm
5/28Dodgers @Mets7:10 pm
Forecast78° F 80% rain 19 mph
5/29Dodgers @Mets4:10 pm
Forecast73° F 20% rain 16 mph
5/31Rockies @Dodgers10:10 pm
Forecast71° F 0% rain 9 mph


6/1Rockies @Dodgers10:10 pm
Forecast70° F 0% rain 10 mph
6/2Rockies @Dodgers4:10 pm
6/4Dodgers @Pirates6:40 pm
6/5Dodgers @Pirates6:40 pm
6/6Dodgers @Pirates6:40 pm
6/7Dodgers @Yankees7:05 pm
6/8Dodgers @Yankees7:35 pm
6/9Dodgers @Yankees7:10 pm
6/11Rangers @Dodgers10:10 pm
6/12Rangers @Dodgers10:10 pm
6/13Rangers @Dodgers10:10 pm
6/14Royals @Dodgers10:10 pm
6/15Royals @Dodgers9:10 pm
6/16Royals @Dodgers4:10 pm
6/17Dodgers @Rockies8:40 pm
6/18Dodgers @Rockies8:40 pm
6/19Dodgers @Rockies8:40 pm
6/20Dodgers @Rockies3:10 pm
6/21Angels @Dodgers10:10 pm
6/22Angels @Dodgers10:10 pm
6/24Dodgers @White Sox8:10 pm
6/25Dodgers @White Sox8:10 pm
6/26Dodgers @White Sox8:10 pm
6/28Dodgers @Giants10:15 pm
6/29Dodgers @Giants7:15 pm
6/30Dodgers @Giants4:05 pm


7/2Diamondbacks @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/3Diamondbacks @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/4Diamondbacks @Dodgers9:10 pm
7/5Brewers @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/6Brewers @Dodgers7:15 pm
7/7Brewers @Dodgers4:10 pm
7/9Dodgers @Phillies6:40 pm
7/10Dodgers @Phillies7:05 pm
7/11Dodgers @Phillies6:05 pm
7/12Dodgers @Tigers6:40 pm
7/13Dodgers @Tigers1:10 pm
7/14Dodgers @Tigers1:40 pm
7/19Red Sox @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/20Red Sox @Dodgers7:15 pm
7/21Red Sox @Dodgers4:10 pm
7/22Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/23Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/24Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/25Giants @Dodgers4:10 pm
7/26Dodgers @Astros8:10 pm
7/27Dodgers @Astros7:05 pm
7/28Dodgers @Astros2:10 pm
7/30Dodgers @Padres9:40 pm
7/31Dodgers @Padres8:40 pm


8/2Dodgers @Athletics9:40 pm
8/3Dodgers @Athletics9:07 pm
8/4Dodgers @Athletics4:07 pm
8/5Phillies @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/6Phillies @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/7Phillies @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/9Pirates @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/10Pirates @Dodgers9:10 pm
8/11Pirates @Dodgers4:10 pm
8/12Dodgers @Brewers8:10 pm
8/13Dodgers @Brewers8:10 pm
8/14Dodgers @Brewers8:10 pm
8/15Dodgers @Brewers2:10 pm
8/16Dodgers @Cardinals8:15 pm
8/17Dodgers @Cardinals7:15 pm
8/18Dodgers @Cardinals2:15 pm
8/19Mariners @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/20Mariners @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/21Mariners @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/23Rays @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/24Rays @Dodgers9:10 pm
8/25Rays @Dodgers4:10 pm
8/27Orioles @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/28Orioles @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/29Orioles @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/30Dodgers @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
8/31Dodgers @Diamondbacks8:10 pm


9/1Dodgers @Diamondbacks4:07 pm
9/2Dodgers @Diamondbacks4:10 pm
9/3Dodgers @Angels9:38 pm
9/4Dodgers @Angels9:38 pm
9/6Guardians @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/7Guardians @Dodgers9:10 pm
9/8Guardians @Dodgers4:10 pm
9/9Cubs @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/10Cubs @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/11Cubs @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/13Dodgers @Braves7:20 pm
9/14Dodgers @Braves7:20 pm
9/15Dodgers @Braves1:35 pm
9/16Dodgers @Braves7:20 pm
9/17Dodgers @Marlins6:40 pm
9/18Dodgers @Marlins6:40 pm
9/19Dodgers @Marlins4:40 pm
9/20Rockies @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/21Rockies @Dodgers9:10 pm
9/22Rockies @Dodgers4:10 pm
9/24Padres @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/25Padres @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/26Padres @Dodgers10:10 pm
9/27Dodgers @Rockies8:10 pm
9/28Dodgers @Rockies8:10 pm
9/29Dodgers @Rockies3:10 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Dodgers home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.

Keep these trends in mind before setting your lineup (particularly important for weekly lock fantasy leagues where it's difficult to predict the weather in a few days).