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San Francisco Giants Weather

Diamondbacks  @  Giants9:45 pm ET
Diamondbacks at Giants game: scattered clouds and 54°F 54° F
scattered clouds
4 mph
59° F77%0%10 mph1.19 pm
58° F80%0%7 mph1.110 pm
55° F84%0%7 mph1.111 pm

The Giants will be at home against the Diamondbacks on April 18th. First pitch at Oracle Park is set for 9:45 pm ET. At that time, it will be a brisk 59° with a steady breeze (10 mph out to left center). No chance of rain.

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Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and other proprietary factors, we currently predict 1.1x (10%) more home runs today compared to the average game. That's not much impact. Check back later to see if that changes.

More about Oracle Park

Oracle Park is a cool place to watch a game. Located right off the Oakland bay, there's usually always a breeze and at least some sort of marine layer. When you mix that in with lower-than-average temperatures, the ball doesn't carry all that well... especially at night. Day games can be more forgiving.

The other big factor is the giant right field wall. At 25 feet, it's an imposing obstacle to line drives in that direction. You'll need a ton of loft to cut through the wind and clear the fence. So, don't expect a ton of runs, especially early in the season and any start time after 4pm PT.


Outfield wall heights

Giants Schedule and Weather Forecast

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Day games: 68
Night games: 94


3/28Giants @Padres4:10 pm
3/29Giants @Padres9:40 pm
3/30Giants @Padres7:15 pm
3/31Giants @Padres4:10 pm


4/1Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/2Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/3Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
4/5Padres @Giants4:35 pm
4/6Padres @Giants9:05 pm
4/7Padres @Giants4:05 pm
4/8Nationals @Giants9:38 pm
4/9Nationals @Giants9:45 pm
4/10Nationals @Giants3:45 pm
4/12Giants @Rays6:50 pm
4/13Giants @Rays4:10 pm
4/14Giants @Rays1:40 pm
4/15Giants @Marlins6:40 pm
4/16Giants @Marlins6:40 pm
4/17Giants @Marlins12:10 pm
4/18Diamondbacks @Giants9:45 pm
4/19Diamondbacks @Giants10:15 pm
4/20Diamondbacks @Giants4:05 pm
4/21Diamondbacks @Giants4:05 pm
4/22Mets @Giants9:45 pm
4/23Mets @Giants9:45 pm
4/24Mets @Giants3:45 pm
4/26Pirates @Giants10:15 pm
4/27Pirates @Giants9:05 pm
4/28Pirates @Giants4:05 pm
4/30Giants @Red Sox7:10 pm


5/1Giants @Red Sox7:10 pm
5/2Giants @Red Sox1:35 pm
5/3Giants @Phillies6:40 pm
5/4Giants @Phillies6:05 pm
5/5Giants @Phillies2:10 pm
5/6Giants @Phillies4:05 pm
5/7Giants @Rockies8:40 pm
5/8Giants @Rockies8:40 pm
5/9Giants @Rockies3:10 pm
5/10Reds @Giants10:15 pm
5/11Reds @Giants7:15 pm
5/12Reds @Giants4:07 pm
5/13Dodgers @Giants9:45 pm
5/14Dodgers @Giants9:45 pm
5/15Dodgers @Giants9:45 pm
5/17Rockies @Giants10:15 pm
5/18Rockies @Giants4:05 pm
5/19Rockies @Giants4:10 pm
5/21Giants @Pirates6:40 pm
5/22Giants @Pirates6:40 pm
5/23Giants @Pirates12:35 pm
5/24Giants @Mets7:10 pm
5/25Giants @Mets1:40 pm
5/26Giants @Mets1:40 pm
5/27Phillies @Giants5:05 pm
5/28Phillies @Giants9:45 pm
Forecast57° F 0% rain 17 mph
5/29Phillies @Giants3:45 pm
Forecast61° F 0% rain 13 mph
5/31Yankees @Giants10:15 pm
Forecast64° F 0% rain 13 mph


6/1Yankees @Giants10:05 pm
Forecast62° F 0% rain 14 mph
6/2Yankees @Giants4:05 pm
Forecast62° F 0% rain 14 mph
6/3Giants @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
6/4Giants @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
6/5Giants @Diamondbacks3:10 pm
6/7Giants @Rangers8:05 pm
6/8Giants @Rangers4:05 pm
6/9Giants @Rangers2:35 pm
6/10Astros @Giants9:45 pm
6/11Astros @Giants9:45 pm
6/12Astros @Giants3:45 pm
6/14Angels @Giants10:15 pm
6/15Angels @Giants4:05 pm
6/16Angels @Giants4:05 pm
6/17Giants @Cubs8:05 pm
6/18Giants @Cubs8:05 pm
6/19Giants @Cubs2:20 pm
6/20Giants @Cardinals7:15 pm
6/22Giants @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/23Giants @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/24Cubs @Giants9:45 pm
6/25Cubs @Giants9:45 pm
6/26Cubs @Giants9:45 pm
6/27Cubs @Giants3:45 pm
6/28Dodgers @Giants10:15 pm
6/29Dodgers @Giants7:15 pm
6/30Dodgers @Giants4:05 pm


7/2Giants @Braves7:20 pm
7/3Giants @Braves7:20 pm
7/4Giants @Braves7:20 pm
7/5Giants @Guardians7:10 pm
7/6Giants @Guardians4:10 pm
7/7Giants @Guardians1:40 pm
7/9Blue Jays @Giants9:45 pm
7/10Blue Jays @Giants9:45 pm
7/11Blue Jays @Giants3:45 pm
7/12Twins @Giants10:15 pm
7/13Twins @Giants7:15 pm
7/14Twins @Giants4:05 pm
7/19Giants @Rockies8:40 pm
7/20Giants @Rockies8:10 pm
7/21Giants @Rockies3:10 pm
7/22Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/23Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/24Giants @Dodgers10:10 pm
7/25Giants @Dodgers4:10 pm
7/26Rockies @Giants10:15 pm
7/27Rockies @Giants6:10 pm
7/27Rockies @Giants9:38 pm
7/28Rockies @Giants4:05 pm
7/30Athletics @Giants9:45 pm
7/31Athletics @Giants9:45 pm


8/2Giants @Reds7:10 pm
8/3Giants @Reds7:15 pm
8/4Giants @Reds1:40 pm
8/5Giants @Nationals6:45 pm
8/6Giants @Nationals6:45 pm
8/7Giants @Nationals6:45 pm
8/8Giants @Nationals4:05 pm
8/9Tigers @Giants10:15 pm
8/10Tigers @Giants4:05 pm
8/11Tigers @Giants4:05 pm
8/12Braves @Giants9:45 pm
8/13Braves @Giants9:45 pm
8/14Braves @Giants9:45 pm
8/15Braves @Giants3:45 pm
8/17Giants @Athletics7:07 pm
8/18Giants @Athletics4:07 pm
8/19White Sox @Giants9:45 pm
8/20White Sox @Giants9:45 pm
8/21White Sox @Giants3:45 pm
8/23Giants @Mariners10:10 pm
8/24Giants @Mariners4:10 pm
8/25Giants @Mariners4:10 pm
8/27Giants @Brewers8:10 pm
8/28Giants @Brewers8:10 pm
8/29Giants @Brewers2:10 pm
8/30Marlins @Giants10:15 pm
8/31Marlins @Giants9:05 pm


9/1Marlins @Giants3:10 pm
9/3Diamondbacks @Giants9:45 pm
9/4Diamondbacks @Giants9:45 pm
9/5Diamondbacks @Giants3:45 pm
9/6Giants @Padres9:40 pm
9/7Giants @Padres8:40 pm
9/8Giants @Padres4:10 pm
9/10Brewers @Giants9:45 pm
9/11Brewers @Giants9:45 pm
9/12Brewers @Giants9:45 pm
9/13Padres @Giants10:15 pm
9/14Padres @Giants9:05 pm
9/15Padres @Giants4:05 pm
9/17Giants @Orioles6:35 pm
9/18Giants @Orioles6:35 pm
9/19Giants @Orioles1:05 pm
9/20Giants @Royals8:10 pm
9/21Giants @Royals7:10 pm
9/22Giants @Royals2:10 pm
9/23Giants @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
9/24Giants @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
9/25Giants @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
9/27Cardinals @Giants10:15 pm
9/28Cardinals @Giants4:05 pm
9/29Cardinals @Giants3:05 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Giants home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.

Keep these trends in mind before setting your lineup (particularly important for weekly lock fantasy leagues where it's difficult to predict the weather in a few days).