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Philadelphia Phillies Weather

Diamondbacks  @  Phillies4:05 pm ET
Diamondbacks at Phillies game: scattered clouds and 79°F 79° F
scattered clouds
7 mph
93° F51%0%7 mph1.84 pm
90° F56%20%6 mph1.65 pm
86° F58%100%5 mph1.66 pm

The Phillies will be at home against the Diamondbacks on June 22nd. First pitch at Citizens Bank Park is set for 4:05 pm ET. At that time, it will be a hot 93° with a modest breeze (7 mph to right field line). No chance of rain.

Find out how weather could impact your fantasy baseball success in this game. Introducing our new home run index factor...

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and other proprietary factors, we currently predict 1.8x (80%) more home runs today compared to the average game. That's a huge impact, an extra HR or two. Plan accordingly.

More about Citizens Bank Park

Citizens Bank Park is widely considered a hitter's park but the numbers are far closer to even overall. In fact, over the past few years, it's right in the middle of the pack in runs scored. Home runs are definitely easier to hit there overall but that hasn't equated to a lot more runs per game (possibly less big rallies and more swinging from heels). Those big swings are the direct result of the shorter outfield dimensions (Citizens Bank Park has the smallest outfield real estate in the bigs).

During the summer months, things really heat up -- fly balls carry further during hotter and more humid days. The park is basically at sea level so most of that extra carry is due to the warmer and lighter air. The end result is a park that gives up home runs at a rate that's top 5 in MLB.


Outfield wall heights

Phillies Schedule and Weather Forecast

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Day games: 60
Night games: 102


3/28Braves @Phillies3:05 pm
3/30Braves @Phillies4:05 pm
3/31Braves @Phillies1:35 pm


4/1Reds @Phillies6:40 pm
4/2Reds @Phillies6:40 pm
4/3Reds @Phillies1:05 pm
4/5Phillies @Nationals6:45 pm
4/6Phillies @Nationals4:05 pm
4/7Phillies @Nationals1:35 pm
4/8Phillies @Cardinals7:20 pm
4/9Phillies @Cardinals7:45 pm
4/10Phillies @Cardinals1:15 pm
4/11Pirates @Phillies6:40 pm
4/12Pirates @Phillies6:40 pm
4/13Pirates @Phillies4:05 pm
4/14Pirates @Phillies1:35 pm
4/15Rockies @Phillies6:40 pm
4/16Rockies @Phillies6:40 pm
4/17Rockies @Phillies6:05 pm
4/19White Sox @Phillies6:40 pm
4/20White Sox @Phillies6:05 pm
4/21White Sox @Phillies1:35 pm
4/22Phillies @Reds6:40 pm
4/23Phillies @Reds6:40 pm
4/24Phillies @Reds6:40 pm
4/25Phillies @Reds1:10 pm
4/26Phillies @Padres9:40 pm
4/27Phillies @Padres8:40 pm
4/28Phillies @Padres4:10 pm
4/29Phillies @Angels9:38 pm
4/30Phillies @Angels9:38 pm


5/1Phillies @Angels4:07 pm
5/3Giants @Phillies6:40 pm
5/4Giants @Phillies6:05 pm
5/5Giants @Phillies2:10 pm
5/6Giants @Phillies4:05 pm
5/7Blue Jays @Phillies6:40 pm
5/8Blue Jays @Phillies1:05 pm
5/10Phillies @Marlins7:10 pm
5/11Phillies @Marlins4:10 pm
5/12Phillies @Marlins1:40 pm
5/13Phillies @Mets7:10 pm
5/14Phillies @Mets1:10 pm
5/15Mets @Phillies6:40 pm
5/16Mets @Phillies6:40 pm
5/17Nationals @Phillies6:40 pm
5/18Nationals @Phillies6:05 pm
5/19Nationals @Phillies1:37 pm
5/21Rangers @Phillies6:40 pm
5/22Rangers @Phillies6:40 pm
5/23Rangers @Phillies1:05 pm
5/24Phillies @Rockies8:40 pm
5/25Phillies @Rockies9:10 pm
5/26Phillies @Rockies3:10 pm
5/27Phillies @Giants5:05 pm
5/28Phillies @Giants9:45 pm
5/29Phillies @Giants3:45 pm
5/31Cardinals @Phillies6:40 pm


6/1Cardinals @Phillies7:15 pm
6/2Cardinals @Phillies1:35 pm
6/3Brewers @Phillies6:40 pm
6/4Brewers @Phillies6:40 pm
6/5Brewers @Phillies3:40 pm
6/8Phillies @Mets1:10 pm
6/9Mets @Phillies10:10 am
6/11Phillies @Red Sox7:10 pm
6/12Phillies @Red Sox7:10 pm
6/13Phillies @Red Sox7:10 pm
6/14Phillies @Orioles7:05 pm
6/15Phillies @Orioles4:05 pm
6/16Phillies @Orioles1:35 pm
6/17Padres @Phillies6:40 pm
6/18Padres @Phillies6:40 pm
6/19Padres @Phillies1:05 pm
6/21Diamondbacks @Phillies6:40 pm
6/22Diamondbacks @Phillies4:05 pm
6/23Diamondbacks @Phillies1:35 pm
6/24Phillies @Tigers6:40 pm
6/25Phillies @Tigers6:40 pm
6/26Phillies @Tigers1:10 pm
6/27Marlins @Phillies6:20 pm
6/28Marlins @Phillies6:20 pm
6/29Marlins @Phillies4:05 pm
6/30Marlins @Phillies1:35 pm


7/2Phillies @Cubs8:05 pm
7/3Phillies @Cubs8:05 pm
7/4Phillies @Cubs2:20 pm
7/5Phillies @Braves7:20 pm
7/6Phillies @Braves7:15 pm
7/7Phillies @Braves1:35 pm
7/9Dodgers @Phillies6:40 pm
7/10Dodgers @Phillies7:05 pm
7/11Dodgers @Phillies6:05 pm
7/12Athletics @Phillies6:40 pm
7/13Athletics @Phillies4:05 pm
7/14Athletics @Phillies1:35 pm
7/19Phillies @Pirates6:40 pm
7/20Phillies @Pirates6:40 pm
7/21Phillies @Pirates1:35 pm
7/22Phillies @Twins7:40 pm
7/23Phillies @Twins7:40 pm
7/24Phillies @Twins1:10 pm
Forecast93° F 0% rain 7 mph
7/26Guardians @Phillies6:40 pm
Forecast82° F 80% rain 8 mph
7/27Guardians @Phillies4:10 pm
Forecast89° F 0% rain 8 mph
7/28Guardians @Phillies1:35 pm
Forecast88° F 0% rain 10 mph
7/29Yankees @Phillies6:40 pm
Forecast89° F 0% rain 10 mph
7/30Yankees @Phillies6:40 pm
Forecast88° F 0% rain 8 mph
7/31Yankees @Phillies12:35 pm


8/2Phillies @Mariners9:40 pm
8/3Phillies @Mariners9:40 pm
8/4Phillies @Mariners4:10 pm
8/5Phillies @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/6Phillies @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/7Phillies @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/8Phillies @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
8/9Phillies @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
8/10Phillies @Diamondbacks8:10 pm
8/11Phillies @Diamondbacks4:10 pm
8/13Marlins @Phillies6:40 pm
8/14Marlins @Phillies6:40 pm
8/15Nationals @Phillies6:40 pm
8/16Nationals @Phillies6:40 pm
8/17Nationals @Phillies6:05 pm
8/18Nationals @Phillies1:35 pm
8/20Phillies @Braves7:20 pm
8/21Phillies @Braves7:20 pm
8/22Phillies @Braves7:15 pm
8/23Phillies @Royals8:10 pm
8/24Phillies @Royals7:10 pm
8/25Phillies @Royals2:10 pm
8/26Astros @Phillies6:40 pm
8/27Astros @Phillies6:40 pm
8/28Astros @Phillies4:05 pm
8/29Braves @Phillies6:40 pm
8/30Braves @Phillies6:40 pm
8/31Braves @Phillies7:15 pm


9/1Braves @Phillies1:35 pm
9/3Phillies @Blue Jays7:07 pm
9/4Phillies @Blue Jays3:07 pm
9/5Phillies @Marlins6:40 pm
9/6Phillies @Marlins7:10 pm
9/7Phillies @Marlins4:10 pm
9/8Phillies @Marlins1:40 pm
9/9Rays @Phillies6:40 pm
9/10Rays @Phillies6:40 pm
9/11Rays @Phillies6:40 pm
9/13Mets @Phillies6:40 pm
9/14Mets @Phillies4:05 pm
9/15Mets @Phillies1:35 pm
9/16Phillies @Brewers7:40 pm
9/17Phillies @Brewers7:40 pm
9/18Phillies @Brewers7:40 pm
9/19Phillies @Mets7:10 pm
9/20Phillies @Mets7:10 pm
9/21Phillies @Mets4:10 pm
9/22Phillies @Mets1:40 pm
9/23Cubs @Phillies6:40 pm
9/24Cubs @Phillies6:40 pm
9/25Cubs @Phillies6:05 pm
9/27Phillies @Nationals6:45 pm
9/28Phillies @Nationals4:05 pm
9/29Phillies @Nationals3:05 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Phillies home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.

Keep these trends in mind before setting your lineup (particularly important for weekly lock fantasy leagues where it's difficult to predict the weather in a few days).






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