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Today, 4/17

Padres  @  Brewers1:10 pm ET
Padres at Brewers game: overcast clouds and 53°F 53° F
overcast clouds
14 mph
63° F73%100%16 mph1.41 pm
63° F66%100%18 mph1.42 pm
60° F68%80%21 mph1.33 pm

The Brewers are at home against the Padres today. First pitch at Miller Park is set for 1:10 pm ET. At that time, it will be a comfortable 63° with gusty winds (16 mph out to left foul pole). There's a ton of rain in the area, the game could be delayed or postponed.

It's being played in a retractable dome and with the weather not so great, the roof will likely be closed. So, no weather impact today.

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and various other proprietary factors, HRForce measures how many extra HRs should be hit in a game. Not active (dome and roof likely closed).

More about Miller Park

Previously called Miller Park, Miller Park is retractable roof stadium that generally plays fair for batter and pitchers alike (it ranks in the middle of the pack for runs scored). Of course, it's commonly known as a home run haven and that's true as well. Center field gives up dingers nearly 30% more than the average stadium. Right-center and Left-center aren't too shabby either with about a 15% boost in HRs. The odd part is singles, doubles and triples happen less often, in general. Possibly the temptation of swinging for the fences.

With regard to weather, it has a retractable roof and it's used over half the time. So, any extreme weather will effectively be neutralized (super hot days, >30 MPH winds, etc).


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