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St. Louis Cardinals Weather


Today, 4/17

Cardinals  @  Athletics3:37 pm ET
Cardinals at Athletics game: few clouds and 62°F 62° F
few clouds
9 mph
71° F64%0%4 mph1.43 pm
74° F58%0%6 mph1.44 pm
74° F56%0%6 mph1.45 pm

The Cardinals are on the road against the Athletics today. First pitch is set for 3:37 pm ET. At that time, it will be a warm 71° with almost no wind (4 mph to right field line). No chance of rain.

Find out how weather could impact long balls hit in this game. Introducing our new home run index factor...

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and other proprietary factors, we currently predict 1.4x (40%) more home runs today compared to the average game. That's a big boost in HRs, plan accordingly.

More about Busch Stadium

With all the tradition at Busch Stadium, it's just as difficult to rack up runs there. It ranks in the bottom five of runs scored and home runs. Unlike other pitcher parks, it's also difficult to tally doubles and triples. Why is that? Well, most of that is due to the deeper outfield dimensions in left and right center and down both lines.

So, while it's generally hotter and more humid in St. Louis, that doesn't tend to translate into carry. Again, the outfield dimensions seem to trump all that. So, bottom line, it's good to be a pitcher at Busch any time of year. Center field is bit more forgiving than other areas but you really need to crank it to consistently get rewarded with an extra base hit.


Outfield wall heights

Cardinals Schedule and Weather Forecast

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3/28Cardinals @Dodgers4:10 pm
3/29Cardinals @Dodgers10:10 pm
3/30Cardinals @Dodgers9:10 pm
3/31Cardinals @Dodgers7:10 pm


4/1Cardinals @Padres9:40 pm
4/2Cardinals @Padres9:40 pm
4/3Cardinals @Padres4:10 pm
4/4Marlins @Cardinals4:15 pm
4/6Marlins @Cardinals2:15 pm
4/7Marlins @Cardinals2:15 pm
4/8Phillies @Cardinals7:20 pm
4/9Phillies @Cardinals7:45 pm
4/10Phillies @Cardinals1:15 pm
4/12Cardinals @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
4/13Cardinals @Diamondbacks8:10 pm
4/14Cardinals @Diamondbacks4:10 pm
4/15Cardinals @Athletics9:40 pm
4/16Cardinals @Athletics9:40 pm
4/17Cardinals @Athletics3:37 pm
4/19Brewers @Cardinals8:15 pm
Forecast59° F 80% rain 15 mph
4/20Brewers @Cardinals2:15 pm
Forecast58° F 0% rain 13 mph
4/21Brewers @Cardinals2:15 pm
Forecast57° F 0% rain 10 mph
4/22Diamondbacks @Cardinals7:45 pm
Forecast62° F 0% rain 8 mph
4/23Diamondbacks @Cardinals7:45 pm
Forecast61° F 100% rain 13 mph
4/24Diamondbacks @Cardinals1:15 pm
Forecast66° F 100% rain 11 mph
4/26Cardinals @Mets7:10 pm
4/27Cardinals @Mets4:05 pm
4/28Cardinals @Mets1:40 pm
4/29Cardinals @Tigers6:40 pm
4/30Cardinals @Tigers6:40 pm


5/1Cardinals @Tigers1:10 pm
5/3White Sox @Cardinals8:15 pm
5/4White Sox @Cardinals2:15 pm
5/5White Sox @Cardinals2:20 pm
5/6Mets @Cardinals7:45 pm
5/7Mets @Cardinals7:45 pm
5/8Mets @Cardinals1:15 pm
5/9Cardinals @Brewers7:40 pm
5/10Cardinals @Brewers8:10 pm
5/11Cardinals @Brewers7:15 pm
5/12Cardinals @Brewers3:10 pm
5/13Cardinals @Angels9:38 pm
5/14Cardinals @Angels9:38 pm
5/15Cardinals @Angels9:07 pm
5/17Red Sox @Cardinals8:15 pm
5/18Red Sox @Cardinals7:15 pm
5/19Red Sox @Cardinals2:20 pm
5/20Orioles @Cardinals7:45 pm
5/21Orioles @Cardinals7:45 pm
5/22Orioles @Cardinals1:15 pm
5/24Cubs @Cardinals8:15 pm
5/25Cubs @Cardinals7:15 pm
5/26Cubs @Cardinals7:10 pm
5/27Cardinals @Reds4:10 pm
5/28Cardinals @Reds6:40 pm
5/29Cardinals @Reds1:10 pm
5/31Cardinals @Phillies6:40 pm


6/1Cardinals @Phillies7:15 pm
6/2Cardinals @Phillies1:35 pm
6/3Cardinals @Astros8:10 pm
6/4Cardinals @Astros8:10 pm
6/5Cardinals @Astros8:05 pm
6/6Rockies @Cardinals7:45 pm
6/7Rockies @Cardinals8:15 pm
6/8Rockies @Cardinals4:15 pm
6/9Rockies @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/11Pirates @Cardinals7:45 pm
6/12Pirates @Cardinals7:45 pm
6/13Pirates @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/14Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
6/15Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
6/16Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
6/17Cardinals @Marlins6:40 pm
6/18Cardinals @Marlins6:40 pm
6/19Cardinals @Marlins12:40 pm
6/20Giants @Cardinals7:15 pm
6/22Giants @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/23Giants @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/24Braves @Cardinals7:45 pm
6/25Braves @Cardinals7:45 pm
6/26Braves @Cardinals7:15 pm
6/27Reds @Cardinals7:45 pm
6/28Reds @Cardinals8:15 pm
6/29Reds @Cardinals2:15 pm
6/30Reds @Cardinals2:15 pm


7/2Cardinals @Pirates6:40 pm
7/3Cardinals @Pirates6:40 pm
7/4Cardinals @Pirates12:35 pm
7/5Cardinals @Nationals6:45 pm
7/6Cardinals @Nationals4:05 pm
7/7Cardinals @Nationals1:35 pm
7/8Cardinals @Nationals4:05 pm
7/9Royals @Cardinals7:45 pm
7/10Royals @Cardinals7:45 pm
7/12Cubs @Cardinals8:15 pm
7/13Cubs @Cardinals2:15 pm
7/14Cubs @Cardinals2:15 pm
7/19Cardinals @Braves7:20 pm
7/20Cardinals @Braves7:20 pm
7/21Cardinals @Braves1:35 pm
7/22Cardinals @Pirates6:40 pm
7/23Cardinals @Pirates6:40 pm
7/24Cardinals @Pirates12:35 pm
7/26Nationals @Cardinals8:15 pm
7/27Nationals @Cardinals7:15 pm
7/28Nationals @Cardinals2:15 pm
7/29Rangers @Cardinals7:45 pm
7/30Rangers @Cardinals7:45 pm
7/31Rangers @Cardinals2:15 pm


8/1Cardinals @Cubs8:05 pm


8/2Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
8/3Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
8/4Cardinals @Cubs2:20 pm
8/6Rays @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/7Rays @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/8Rays @Cardinals7:15 pm
8/9Cardinals @Royals8:10 pm
8/10Cardinals @Royals7:10 pm
8/12Cardinals @Reds6:40 pm
8/13Cardinals @Reds6:40 pm
8/14Cardinals @Reds6:40 pm
8/16Dodgers @Cardinals8:15 pm
8/17Dodgers @Cardinals7:15 pm
8/18Dodgers @Cardinals2:15 pm
8/20Brewers @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/21Brewers @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/22Brewers @Cardinals2:15 pm
8/23Cardinals @Twins8:10 pm
8/24Cardinals @Twins7:10 pm
8/25Cardinals @Twins2:10 pm
8/26Padres @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/27Padres @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/28Padres @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/29Padres @Cardinals2:15 pm
8/30Cardinals @Yankees7:05 pm
8/31Cardinals @Yankees1:05 pm


9/1Cardinals @Yankees1:35 pm
9/2Cardinals @Brewers2:10 pm
9/3Cardinals @Brewers7:40 pm
9/4Cardinals @Brewers7:40 pm
9/6Mariners @Cardinals8:15 pm
9/7Mariners @Cardinals7:15 pm
9/8Mariners @Cardinals2:15 pm
9/10Reds @Cardinals7:45 pm
9/11Reds @Cardinals7:45 pm
9/12Reds @Cardinals1:15 pm
9/13Cardinals @Blue Jays7:07 pm
9/14Cardinals @Blue Jays3:07 pm
9/15Cardinals @Blue Jays1:37 pm
9/16Pirates @Cardinals7:45 pm
9/17Pirates @Cardinals7:45 pm
9/18Pirates @Cardinals7:45 pm
9/19Pirates @Cardinals7:15 pm
9/20Guardians @Cardinals8:15 pm
9/21Guardians @Cardinals7:15 pm
9/22Guardians @Cardinals2:15 pm
9/24Cardinals @Rockies8:40 pm
9/25Cardinals @Rockies8:40 pm
9/26Cardinals @Rockies3:10 pm
9/27Cardinals @Giants10:15 pm
9/28Cardinals @Giants4:05 pm
9/29Cardinals @Giants3:05 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Cardinals home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.