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Seattle Mariners Weather

Today, 7/24
Angels  @  Mariners3:40 pm ET
Angels at Mariners game: few clouds and 75°F 75° F
few clouds
6 mph
--° F--%--%-- mphn/a3 pm
76° F46%0%6 mphn/a4 pm
75° F49%0%7 mphn/a5 pm

The Mariners are at home against the Angels today. First pitch at T-Mobile Park is set for 3:40 pm ET. At that time, it will be a chilly --° with almost no wind (-- mph in from left field line). No chance of rain.

It's being played in a retractable dome and with the weather not so great, the roof will likely be closed. So, no weather impact today.

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and various other proprietary factors, HRForce measures how many extra HRs should be hit in a game. Not active (dome and roof likely closed).

More about T-Mobile Park

For a few years now, T-Mobile Park has been the most pitcher-friendly park in all the bigs. Partially due to the constant humidity and marine layer at sea level, the ball just doesn't carry that well in Seattle. Toss in the fact that there's relatively less outfield real estate than most other parks, batters tend to overswing a bunch. Either way, it's always tough on batters in April and May. It plays a lot more fair at mid-season and the balance of summer.


Outfield wall heights

Mariners Schedule and Weather Forecast

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Day games: 58
Night games: 104


3/28Red Sox @Mariners10:10 pm
3/29Red Sox @Mariners9:40 pm
3/30Red Sox @Mariners9:40 pm
3/31Red Sox @Mariners4:10 pm


4/1Guardians @Mariners9:40 pm
4/2Guardians @Mariners9:40 pm
4/3Guardians @Mariners4:10 pm
4/5Mariners @Brewers8:10 pm
4/6Mariners @Brewers7:10 pm
4/7Mariners @Brewers2:10 pm
4/8Mariners @Blue Jays6:40 pm
4/9Mariners @Blue Jays7:07 pm
4/10Mariners @Blue Jays3:07 pm
4/12Cubs @Mariners9:40 pm
4/13Cubs @Mariners9:40 pm
4/14Cubs @Mariners4:10 pm
4/15Reds @Mariners9:42 pm
4/16Reds @Mariners9:40 pm
4/17Reds @Mariners4:10 pm
4/19Mariners @Rockies8:40 pm
4/20Mariners @Rockies8:10 pm
4/21Mariners @Rockies3:10 pm
4/23Mariners @Rangers8:05 pm
4/24Mariners @Rangers8:05 pm
4/25Mariners @Rangers2:35 pm
4/26Diamondbacks @Mariners9:40 pm
4/27Diamondbacks @Mariners9:40 pm
4/28Diamondbacks @Mariners4:10 pm
4/29Braves @Mariners9:40 pm
4/30Braves @Mariners9:40 pm


5/1Braves @Mariners3:40 pm
5/3Mariners @Astros8:10 pm
5/4Mariners @Astros7:15 pm
5/5Mariners @Astros2:10 pm
5/6Mariners @Twins7:40 pm
5/7Mariners @Twins7:40 pm
5/8Mariners @Twins7:40 pm
5/9Mariners @Twins1:10 pm
5/10Athletics @Mariners9:40 pm
5/11Athletics @Mariners9:40 pm
5/12Athletics @Mariners7:10 pm
5/13Royals @Mariners9:40 pm
5/14Royals @Mariners9:40 pm
5/15Royals @Mariners4:10 pm
5/17Mariners @Orioles7:05 pm
5/18Mariners @Orioles4:05 pm
5/19Mariners @Orioles1:35 pm
5/20Mariners @Yankees7:05 pm
5/21Mariners @Yankees7:05 pm
5/22Mariners @Yankees7:05 pm
5/23Mariners @Yankees12:35 pm
5/24Mariners @Nationals6:45 pm
5/25Mariners @Nationals4:05 pm
5/26Mariners @Nationals1:35 pm
5/27Astros @Mariners9:40 pm
5/28Astros @Mariners9:40 pm
5/29Astros @Mariners9:40 pm
5/30Astros @Mariners4:10 pm
5/31Angels @Mariners10:10 pm


6/1Angels @Mariners7:15 pm
6/2Angels @Mariners4:10 pm
6/4Mariners @Athletics9:40 pm
6/5Mariners @Athletics9:40 pm
6/6Mariners @Athletics3:37 pm
6/7Mariners @Royals8:10 pm
6/8Mariners @Royals4:10 pm
6/9Mariners @Royals2:10 pm
6/10White Sox @Mariners9:40 pm
6/11White Sox @Mariners9:40 pm
6/12White Sox @Mariners9:40 pm
6/13White Sox @Mariners9:40 pm
6/14Rangers @Mariners10:10 pm
6/15Rangers @Mariners7:15 pm
6/16Rangers @Mariners4:10 pm
6/18Mariners @Guardians6:40 pm
6/19Mariners @Guardians6:40 pm
6/20Mariners @Guardians1:10 pm
6/21Mariners @Marlins7:10 pm
6/22Mariners @Marlins4:10 pm
6/23Mariners @Marlins1:40 pm
6/24Mariners @Rays6:50 pm
6/25Mariners @Rays6:50 pm
6/26Mariners @Rays12:10 pm
6/28Twins @Mariners9:40 pm
6/29Twins @Mariners10:10 pm
6/30Twins @Mariners4:10 pm


7/2Orioles @Mariners9:40 pm
7/3Orioles @Mariners10:10 pm
7/4Orioles @Mariners4:10 pm
7/5Blue Jays @Mariners9:40 pm
7/6Blue Jays @Mariners4:10 pm
7/7Blue Jays @Mariners4:10 pm
7/9Mariners @Padres9:40 pm
7/10Mariners @Padres6:40 pm
7/11Mariners @Angels9:38 pm
7/12Mariners @Angels9:38 pm
7/13Mariners @Angels9:38 pm
7/14Mariners @Angels4:07 pm
7/19Astros @Mariners10:10 pm
7/20Astros @Mariners9:40 pm
7/21Astros @Mariners4:10 pm
7/22Angels @Mariners9:40 pm
7/23Angels @Mariners9:40 pm
7/24Angels @Mariners3:40 pm
Forecast--° F --% rain -- mph
7/26Mariners @White Sox8:10 pm
Forecast78° F 0% rain 11 mph
7/27Mariners @White Sox7:15 pm
Forecast83° F 0% rain 9 mph
7/28Mariners @White Sox2:10 pm
Forecast79° F 100% rain 12 mph
7/29Mariners @Red Sox7:10 pm
Forecast88° F 0% rain 12 mph
7/30Mariners @Red Sox7:10 pm
Forecast86° F 0% rain 13 mph
7/31Mariners @Red Sox4:10 pm


8/2Phillies @Mariners9:40 pm
8/3Phillies @Mariners9:40 pm
8/4Phillies @Mariners4:10 pm
8/6Tigers @Mariners9:40 pm
8/7Tigers @Mariners9:40 pm
8/8Tigers @Mariners9:40 pm
8/9Mets @Mariners10:10 pm
8/10Mets @Mariners9:40 pm
8/11Mets @Mariners4:10 pm
8/13Mariners @Tigers6:40 pm
8/14Mariners @Tigers6:40 pm
8/15Mariners @Tigers1:10 pm
8/16Mariners @Pirates6:40 pm
8/17Mariners @Pirates1:05 pm
8/18Mariners @Pirates1:35 pm
8/19Mariners @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/20Mariners @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/21Mariners @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/23Giants @Mariners10:10 pm
8/24Giants @Mariners4:10 pm
8/25Giants @Mariners4:10 pm
8/26Rays @Mariners9:40 pm
8/27Rays @Mariners9:40 pm
8/28Rays @Mariners4:10 pm
8/30Mariners @Angels9:38 pm
8/31Mariners @Angels9:38 pm


9/1Mariners @Angels4:05 pm
9/2Mariners @Athletics7:07 pm
9/3Mariners @Athletics9:40 pm
9/4Mariners @Athletics9:40 pm
9/5Mariners @Athletics3:37 pm
9/6Mariners @Cardinals8:15 pm
9/7Mariners @Cardinals7:15 pm
9/8Mariners @Cardinals2:15 pm
9/10Padres @Mariners9:40 pm
9/11Padres @Mariners9:40 pm
9/12Rangers @Mariners9:40 pm
9/13Rangers @Mariners10:10 pm
9/14Rangers @Mariners9:40 pm
9/15Rangers @Mariners4:10 pm
9/17Yankees @Mariners9:40 pm
9/18Yankees @Mariners9:40 pm
9/19Yankees @Mariners4:10 pm
9/20Mariners @Rangers8:05 pm
9/21Mariners @Rangers7:05 pm
9/22Mariners @Rangers2:35 pm
9/23Mariners @Astros8:10 pm
9/24Mariners @Astros8:10 pm
9/25Mariners @Astros2:10 pm
9/27Athletics @Mariners10:10 pm
9/28Athletics @Mariners9:40 pm
9/29Athletics @Mariners3:10 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Mariners home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.

Keep these trends in mind before setting your lineup (particularly important for weekly lock fantasy leagues where it's difficult to predict the weather in a few days).






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