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Today, 4/17

Angels  @  Rays6:50 pm ET
Angels at Rays game: clear sky and 72°F 72° F
clear sky
6 mph
73° F78%0%12 mph1.26 pm
72° F80%0%10 mph1.37 pm
72° F83%0%5 mph1.38 pm

The Rays are at home against the Angels today. First pitch at LoanDepot Park is set for 6:50 pm ET. At that time, it will be a warm 73° with a steady breeze (12 mph from left to right). No chance of rain.

It's being played in a fixed dome so no weather impact.

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and various other proprietary factors, HRForce measures how many extra HRs should be hit in a game. Not active (fixed dome).

More about LoanDepot Park

Ah, LoanDepot Park. As bad as the Oakland Coliseum is, the Rays home park has it beat. For starters, it's the only fixed dome in the league so fans and players can't enjoy the Florida sun. And that dome is just the right color of off-white to almost perfectly match the ball, making even an average pop an adventure. As far as run production goes, it's in the middle of the pack with home runs slightly above average.

Weather-wise, the dome nullifies it all and its fixed nature guarantees that won't change. The park is roughly at sea level so the air isn't particularly thin, so no boost there. Overall, it's a functional stadium and, other than the weirdness with the dome and rafters, doesn't effect game play much either way.


Outfield wall heights

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3/28Blue Jays @Rays4:10 pm
3/29Blue Jays @Rays6:50 pm
3/30Blue Jays @Rays4:10 pm
3/31Blue Jays @Rays1:40 pm


4/1Rangers @Rays6:50 pm
4/2Rangers @Rays6:50 pm
4/3Rangers @Rays1:10 pm
4/5Rays @Rockies4:10 pm
4/6Rays @Rockies8:10 pm
4/7Rays @Rockies3:10 pm
4/8Rays @Angels8:05 pm
4/9Rays @Angels9:38 pm
4/10Rays @Angels4:07 pm
4/12Giants @Rays6:50 pm
4/13Giants @Rays4:10 pm
4/14Giants @Rays1:40 pm
4/15Angels @Rays6:50 pm
4/16Angels @Rays6:50 pm
4/17Angels @Rays6:50 pm
4/18Angels @Rays1:10 pm
Forecast75° F 0% rain 16 mph
4/19Rays @Yankees7:05 pm
Forecast56° F 20% rain 11 mph
4/20Rays @Yankees1:05 pm
Forecast63° F 31% rain 17 mph
4/21Rays @Yankees1:35 pm
Forecast53° F 0% rain 12 mph
4/22Tigers @Rays6:50 pm
Forecast76° F 0% rain 15 mph
4/23Tigers @Rays6:50 pm
Forecast77° F 0% rain 16 mph
4/24Tigers @Rays6:50 pm
Forecast78° F 72% rain 17 mph
4/26Rays @White Sox7:40 pm
4/27Rays @White Sox7:10 pm
4/28Rays @White Sox2:10 pm
4/29Rays @Brewers7:40 pm
4/30Rays @Brewers7:40 pm


5/1Rays @Brewers1:10 pm
5/3Mets @Rays6:50 pm
5/4Mets @Rays7:15 pm
5/5Mets @Rays1:40 pm
5/6White Sox @Rays6:50 pm
5/7White Sox @Rays6:50 pm
5/8White Sox @Rays6:50 pm
5/10Yankees @Rays6:50 pm
5/11Yankees @Rays4:10 pm
5/12Yankees @Rays2:10 pm
5/13Rays @Red Sox7:10 pm
5/14Rays @Red Sox7:10 pm
5/15Rays @Red Sox7:10 pm
5/16Rays @Red Sox7:10 pm
5/17Rays @Blue Jays7:07 pm
5/18Rays @Blue Jays3:07 pm
5/19Rays @Blue Jays1:40 pm
5/20Red Sox @Rays6:50 pm
5/21Red Sox @Rays6:50 pm
5/22Red Sox @Rays6:50 pm
5/24Royals @Rays6:50 pm
5/25Royals @Rays4:10 pm
5/26Royals @Rays1:40 pm
5/28Athletics @Rays6:50 pm
5/29Athletics @Rays6:50 pm
5/30Athletics @Rays1:10 pm
5/31Rays @Orioles7:05 pm


6/1Rays @Orioles4:05 pm
6/2Rays @Orioles1:35 pm
6/4Rays @Marlins6:40 pm
6/5Rays @Marlins6:40 pm
6/7Orioles @Rays6:50 pm
6/8Orioles @Rays4:10 pm
6/9Orioles @Rays1:40 pm
6/10Orioles @Rays6:50 pm
6/11Cubs @Rays6:50 pm
6/12Cubs @Rays6:50 pm
6/13Cubs @Rays6:50 pm
6/14Rays @Braves7:20 pm
6/15Rays @Braves4:10 pm
6/16Rays @Braves1:35 pm
6/18Rays @Twins7:40 pm
6/19Rays @Twins7:40 pm
6/20Rays @Twins1:10 pm
6/21Rays @Pirates6:40 pm
6/22Rays @Pirates4:05 pm
6/23Rays @Pirates1:35 pm
6/24Mariners @Rays6:50 pm
6/25Mariners @Rays6:50 pm
6/26Mariners @Rays12:10 pm
6/28Nationals @Rays6:50 pm
6/29Nationals @Rays4:10 pm
6/30Nationals @Rays1:40 pm


7/2Rays @Royals8:10 pm
7/3Rays @Royals8:10 pm
7/4Rays @Royals8:10 pm
7/5Rays @Rangers8:05 pm
7/6Rays @Rangers4:05 pm
7/7Rays @Rangers2:35 pm
7/9Yankees @Rays6:50 pm
7/10Yankees @Rays6:50 pm
7/11Yankees @Rays6:50 pm
7/12Guardians @Rays6:50 pm
7/13Guardians @Rays4:10 pm
7/14Guardians @Rays1:40 pm
7/19Rays @Yankees7:05 pm
7/20Rays @Yankees1:05 pm
7/21Rays @Yankees1:35 pm
7/22Rays @Yankees1:05 pm
7/23Rays @Blue Jays7:07 pm
7/24Rays @Blue Jays7:07 pm
7/25Rays @Blue Jays3:07 pm
7/26Reds @Rays6:50 pm
7/27Reds @Rays4:10 pm
7/28Reds @Rays1:40 pm
7/30Marlins @Rays6:50 pm
7/31Marlins @Rays12:10 pm


8/2Rays @Astros8:10 pm
8/3Rays @Astros7:15 pm
8/4Rays @Astros2:10 pm
8/6Rays @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/7Rays @Cardinals7:45 pm
8/8Rays @Cardinals7:15 pm
8/9Orioles @Rays6:50 pm
8/10Orioles @Rays7:15 pm
8/11Orioles @Rays1:40 pm
8/12Astros @Rays6:50 pm
8/13Astros @Rays6:50 pm
8/14Astros @Rays6:50 pm
8/16Diamondbacks @Rays6:50 pm
8/17Diamondbacks @Rays4:10 pm
8/18Diamondbacks @Rays1:40 pm
8/19Rays @Athletics9:40 pm
8/20Rays @Athletics9:40 pm
8/21Rays @Athletics9:40 pm
8/22Rays @Athletics3:37 pm
8/23Rays @Dodgers10:10 pm
8/24Rays @Dodgers9:10 pm
8/25Rays @Dodgers4:10 pm
8/26Rays @Mariners9:40 pm
8/27Rays @Mariners9:40 pm
8/28Rays @Mariners4:10 pm
8/30Padres @Rays6:50 pm
8/31Padres @Rays4:10 pm


9/1Padres @Rays1:40 pm
9/2Twins @Rays6:50 pm
9/3Twins @Rays6:50 pm
9/4Twins @Rays6:50 pm
9/5Twins @Rays1:10 pm
9/6Rays @Orioles7:05 pm
9/7Rays @Orioles4:05 pm
9/8Rays @Orioles1:35 pm
9/9Rays @Phillies6:40 pm
9/10Rays @Phillies6:40 pm
9/11Rays @Phillies6:40 pm
9/12Rays @Guardians6:40 pm
9/13Rays @Guardians7:10 pm
9/14Rays @Guardians6:10 pm
9/15Rays @Guardians1:40 pm
9/17Red Sox @Rays6:50 pm
9/18Red Sox @Rays6:50 pm
9/19Red Sox @Rays6:50 pm
9/20Blue Jays @Rays6:50 pm
9/21Blue Jays @Rays4:10 pm
9/22Blue Jays @Rays1:40 pm
9/24Rays @Tigers6:40 pm
9/25Rays @Tigers6:40 pm
9/26Rays @Tigers1:10 pm
9/27Rays @Red Sox7:10 pm
9/28Rays @Red Sox4:10 pm
9/29Rays @Red Sox3:05 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Rays home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.