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Today, 4/17

Rangers  @  Tigers1:10 pm ET
Rangers at Tigers game: broken clouds and 58°F 58° F
broken clouds
8 mph
63° F89%100%17 mph1.01 pm
61° F88%100%10 mph1.12 pm
62° F91%100%10 mph1.13 pm

The Tigers are at home against the Rangers today. First pitch at Comerica Park is set for 1:10 pm ET. At that time, it will be a comfortable 63° with gusty winds (17 mph from right to left). There's a ton of rain in the area, the game could be delayed or postponed.

Find out how weather could impact long balls hit in this game. Introducing our new home run index factor...

Based on wind, humidity, ballpark and other proprietary factors, we currently predict exactly no change to home runs. Check back later to see if that changes.

More about Comerica Park

For starters, don't ever try to go yard in center at Comerica Park. Not going to end well. Even after they brought in the CF fence in 2023 from 422 to 412', it still take a massively squared up ball to get it out. Not surprisingly, the park ranks near the bottom of the heap in home runs (and runs scored).

With regard to weather, Detroit is a pretty chilly place. It's one of the coldest parks in the bigs and humidity and altitude are all fairly average. Rain and wind can definitely wreak havoc at times but it's really the outfield dimensions that govern how often balls leave the yard and rallies get extended.


Outfield wall heights

Tigers Schedule and Weather Forecast

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3/28Tigers @White Sox4:10 pm
3/30Tigers @White Sox2:10 pm
3/31Tigers @White Sox2:10 pm


4/1Tigers @Mets7:10 pm
4/2Tigers @Mets7:10 pm
4/3Tigers @Mets7:10 pm
4/5Athletics @Tigers1:10 pm
4/6Athletics @Tigers1:10 pm
4/7Athletics @Tigers1:40 pm
4/8Tigers @Pirates5:10 pm
4/9Tigers @Pirates12:35 pm
4/11Twins @Tigers1:10 pm
4/12Twins @Tigers6:40 pm
4/13Twins @Tigers1:10 pm
4/14Twins @Tigers1:40 pm
4/15Rangers @Tigers6:40 pm
4/16Rangers @Tigers1:10 pm
4/17Rangers @Tigers1:10 pm
4/18Rangers @Tigers1:10 pm
Forecast62° F 0% rain 13 mph
4/19Tigers @Twins8:10 pm
Forecast44° F 0% rain 16 mph
4/20Tigers @Twins2:10 pm
Forecast42° F 0% rain 13 mph
4/21Tigers @Twins2:10 pm
Forecast54° F 0% rain 9 mph
4/22Tigers @Rays6:50 pm
Forecast76° F 0% rain 15 mph
4/23Tigers @Rays6:50 pm
Forecast77° F 0% rain 16 mph
4/24Tigers @Rays6:50 pm
Forecast78° F 72% rain 17 mph
4/26Royals @Tigers1:10 pm
4/27Royals @Tigers6:10 pm
4/28Royals @Tigers1:40 pm
4/29Cardinals @Tigers6:40 pm
4/30Cardinals @Tigers6:40 pm


5/1Cardinals @Tigers1:10 pm
5/3Tigers @Yankees7:05 pm
5/4Tigers @Yankees1:05 pm
5/5Tigers @Yankees1:35 pm
5/6Tigers @Guardians6:10 pm
5/7Tigers @Guardians6:10 pm
5/8Tigers @Guardians1:10 pm
5/10Astros @Tigers6:40 pm
5/11Astros @Tigers6:10 pm
5/12Astros @Tigers1:40 pm
5/13Marlins @Tigers6:40 pm
5/14Marlins @Tigers6:40 pm
5/15Marlins @Tigers1:10 pm
5/17Tigers @Diamondbacks9:40 pm
5/18Tigers @Diamondbacks8:10 pm
5/19Tigers @Diamondbacks4:10 pm
5/20Tigers @Royals7:40 pm
5/21Tigers @Royals7:40 pm
5/22Tigers @Royals2:10 pm
5/23Blue Jays @Tigers6:40 pm
5/24Blue Jays @Tigers6:40 pm
5/25Blue Jays @Tigers1:10 pm
5/26Blue Jays @Tigers1:40 pm
5/28Pirates @Tigers6:40 pm
5/29Pirates @Tigers1:10 pm
5/30Tigers @Red Sox7:10 pm
5/31Tigers @Red Sox7:10 pm


6/1Tigers @Red Sox4:10 pm
6/2Tigers @Red Sox1:35 pm
6/3Tigers @Rangers8:05 pm
6/4Tigers @Rangers8:05 pm
6/5Tigers @Rangers8:05 pm
6/7Brewers @Tigers6:40 pm
6/8Brewers @Tigers4:10 pm
6/9Brewers @Tigers1:40 pm
6/11Nationals @Tigers6:40 pm
6/12Nationals @Tigers6:40 pm
6/13Nationals @Tigers1:10 pm
6/14Tigers @Astros8:10 pm
6/15Tigers @Astros4:10 pm
6/16Tigers @Astros2:10 pm
6/17Tigers @Braves7:20 pm
6/18Tigers @Braves7:20 pm
6/19Tigers @Braves12:20 pm
6/21White Sox @Tigers6:40 pm
6/22White Sox @Tigers1:10 pm
6/23White Sox @Tigers1:40 pm
6/24Phillies @Tigers6:40 pm
6/25Phillies @Tigers6:40 pm
6/26Phillies @Tigers1:10 pm
6/27Tigers @Angels9:38 pm
6/28Tigers @Angels9:38 pm
6/29Tigers @Angels10:07 pm
6/30Tigers @Angels4:07 pm


7/2Tigers @Twins7:40 pm
7/3Tigers @Twins8:10 pm
7/4Tigers @Twins2:10 pm
7/5Tigers @Reds7:10 pm
7/6Tigers @Reds4:10 pm
7/7Tigers @Reds1:40 pm
7/8Guardians @Tigers6:40 pm
7/9Guardians @Tigers6:40 pm
7/10Guardians @Tigers6:40 pm
7/11Guardians @Tigers1:10 pm
7/12Dodgers @Tigers6:40 pm
7/13Dodgers @Tigers1:10 pm
7/14Dodgers @Tigers1:40 pm
7/19Tigers @Blue Jays7:07 pm
7/20Tigers @Blue Jays3:07 pm
7/21Tigers @Blue Jays1:37 pm
7/22Tigers @Guardians6:40 pm
7/23Tigers @Guardians6:40 pm
7/24Tigers @Guardians6:40 pm
7/25Tigers @Guardians1:10 pm
7/26Twins @Tigers6:40 pm
7/27Twins @Tigers6:05 pm
7/28Twins @Tigers1:40 pm
7/29Guardians @Tigers6:40 pm
7/30Guardians @Tigers1:10 pm


8/1Royals @Tigers6:40 pm


8/2Royals @Tigers6:40 pm
8/3Royals @Tigers6:10 pm
8/4Royals @Tigers1:40 pm
8/6Tigers @Mariners9:40 pm
8/7Tigers @Mariners9:40 pm
8/8Tigers @Mariners9:40 pm
8/9Tigers @Giants10:15 pm
8/10Tigers @Giants4:05 pm
8/11Tigers @Giants4:05 pm
8/13Mariners @Tigers6:40 pm
8/14Mariners @Tigers6:40 pm
8/15Mariners @Tigers1:10 pm
8/16Yankees @Tigers6:40 pm
8/17Yankees @Tigers1:10 pm
8/18Yankees @Tigers7:10 pm
8/20Tigers @Cubs8:05 pm
8/21Tigers @Cubs8:05 pm
8/22Tigers @Cubs2:20 pm
8/23Tigers @White Sox8:10 pm
8/24Tigers @White Sox7:10 pm
8/25Tigers @White Sox2:10 pm
8/26Tigers @White Sox8:10 pm
8/27Angels @Tigers6:40 pm
8/28Angels @Tigers6:40 pm
8/29Angels @Tigers1:10 pm
8/30Red Sox @Tigers6:40 pm
8/31Red Sox @Tigers6:10 pm


9/1Red Sox @Tigers1:40 pm
9/2Tigers @Padres6:40 pm
9/4Tigers @Padres9:40 pm
9/5Tigers @Padres8:40 pm
9/6Tigers @Athletics9:40 pm
9/7Tigers @Athletics4:07 pm
9/8Tigers @Athletics4:07 pm
9/10Rockies @Tigers6:40 pm
9/11Rockies @Tigers6:40 pm
9/12Rockies @Tigers1:10 pm
9/13Orioles @Tigers6:40 pm
9/14Orioles @Tigers6:10 pm
9/15Orioles @Tigers1:40 pm
9/16Tigers @Royals7:40 pm
9/17Tigers @Royals7:40 pm
9/18Tigers @Royals7:40 pm
9/20Tigers @Orioles7:05 pm
9/21Tigers @Orioles2:20 pm
9/22Tigers @Orioles1:35 pm
9/24Rays @Tigers6:40 pm
9/25Rays @Tigers6:40 pm
9/26Rays @Tigers1:10 pm
9/27White Sox @Tigers6:40 pm
9/28White Sox @Tigers1:10 pm
9/29White Sox @Tigers3:10 pm

Below are the average temperature, humidity, rain, wind and wind direction for each month of the season (Tigers home games only). All the data is for the 2024 campaign and will be updated as the season progresses.